this isnt really a moodboard bc it includes some
art i made but it still has that moodboard
vibe so ill just keep the moodboard title

the purpose of this page is to document images i like basically, have fun while youre here

this particular page is ever expanding; when my aesthetic changes enough or when i decided to abandon this site for good ill remove this part lol


an explaination here


an explaination here

albums i like

(left to right) Bladee - 333 , Greer - Lullaby For You , Charli XCX - how i'm feeling now

(left to right) Sweet Trip - Velocity : Design : Comfort , Dijon - How Do You Feel About Getting Married? , Ecco2k - E

(left to right) BROCKHAMPTON - iridescence , 100 Gecs - 1000 Gecs , Frank Ocean - Channel Orange

random images

my instagram >;)c

lain para una eternidad >;P