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okay this is exactly what im talking about when i mean me gushing over stupid shit like how a pocket is sewn onto a pair of pants

okay so i went to the off-white store (yeah i know off-white is corny) but what i like to do is look at all the clothes and not buy anything and weird out the employees who think im trying to make bootlegs bc im looking at how pockets are sewn on when in reality i just dont know how alot of things are made and sewn and im just trying to learn lol

so this particular pair of pants is a pair of red sweatpants made of red french terry which has been used in high fashion as a superior cotton fleece; this particular pair of pants is a bright red with a small off-white branding screen printed on the front in a lightish grey

what i was curious is 1 how they got the pocket to look like that and 2 how they sewed it on bc it looks like from first glance that they sewed it from the inside out or whatever which isnt really possible but come to find out after getting a closer look that its actually just sewn right on and that the material puffs out and over the sew lines which i found very interesting (photo here VVV)