-OCTOBER 23, 2018-

ok so basically comedy is dead lol ok so I want to go to more cons in the future because I had a really good time at baltimore comic con a few weeks ago also remember to eat you bean sprouts and watch Akira on the daily NO EXCEPTIONS also why is all of r/meirl just gang memes where are the skelebois also r/2meirl42meirl4meirl is a better reddit than r/2meirl4meirl but no one posts on it. Also r/vaporwaveminidiscs needs a lot more followers like my post about getting a minidisc had more updoots than My Pet Flamingo for christ sakes (but tbh I have more karma so idk) also spooky time is almost around the corner so be sure to pour all of the milk on the floor oh shit my sock's all wet now oh god oh fuck